Writing Wednesday – Your Writing Sanctuary

If you’re anything like me, your writing space is your haven.

It’s that place you retire to at the end of the day, where thoughts and words tangle together and give life to the things you want to share with the world. It can be inspirational to look at with beautiful books, elegant pens, freshly cut flowers and a few antiques. Or it could consist of modern clean-cut lines with minimal decor, which allows you to focus. Heck, it can even be the smallest corner where your notebook or laptop fits and you can spend a blissful (or frustrating) hour or more carving away at your latest blog post or novel.

Your writing space fuels your creative well 

Whatever your writing space looks like, to you it’s the place that conjures inspiration from thin air – a sanctuary where you feel safe and can explore avenues of the written word that you may never have considered before, or be the place where the words tumble out of you like water cascading down a mountain slope.

Like any haven worth its merit, your writing space needs to be an equal balance of both order and chaos, where your muse can come out to play in a safe space. Though I’ve yet to photograph my own writing haven, I thought that the very first Writing Wednesday post could showcase others inspirational writing areas; to encourage you to get your own spruced up if need be and to consider adding in items that will remind you of why you love writing in the first place, be it anything from a poster or a feathered pen!

Inspirational writing spaces via Pinterest

home library of famous writers (via Pinterest)dark wood and natural light writing space (via Pinterest)Simplistic writing space (via Pinterest)Fresh and green writing space (via Pinterest)organised desk (via Pinterest)Antique writing (via Pinterest)light and airy writing space (via Pinterest)wall length bookcase writing den (via Pinterest)

I’d love it if you share with me what your writing space looks like – in words or by giving me a link to a post you’ve written! ^_^


All images used above were taken from Pinterest and link back to their Pinterest source – if any of the above images are yours and you’d like them removed, please get in touch and I’ll get it gone asap (no copyright infringement intended). Main image via Pinterest


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