Christmas Cheer

After an eventful few weeks with plenty of travel every day, it’s been wonderful to have some quiet time with our little bear cub just before Christmas was in full swing. We got to set up the tree, hang a few garlands, adorn the house with flowers, and spend some time together appreciating the little things.

I made a little felt Christmas tree for her, along with all it’s ornaments and an advent calendar, so every day leading up to Christmas, she got a little felt ornament to add to her own tree as well as a few sweets, some bath beans, and a tiny toy or two. The little mouse in the sock that you can see below is my favourite ornament, as it’s one of the first socks she ever wore when she was first born (and now I get to see it every year!) ;D

As far as Christmas’ go, this has to have been my favourite one yet – as the house was so cozy! We got to spend it all together as a family, with all the grandparents, the Christmas music and cheer, and a delicious meal made with love, including home baked cookies which Amelia helped me with, every step of the way. ❤ It’s like they sing about in the shops, ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’.


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