Easter in Yzerfontein

Hi lovelies,

I’m happy to say that we headed out on our first family holiday over Easter this year – and it was our 6th anniversary too … which is why I absolutely love the month of March. 😉


We were quite excited to take some time out and be away from home as we’ve had an almost non-stop stream of visitors coming round to see Amelia. I won’t lie, it was pretty fantastic to have friends popping in and keeping me company – as I didn’t have time to get lonely – but it was only recently that I realised I haven’t had a single week to myself with just Amelia at home (gasp!).

20160319_10115920160319_10120620160319_11081420160319_110930So with the long weekends of Easter coming up and our anniversary, we decided to spend a whole, blissful week with just the three of us – before inviting my parents to join us on a family holiday.


We enjoyed board games, home cooked meals with some Tangled Tree wine, and even a few trips to the beach – though sadly, the weather didn’t quite cooperate. In short it was heavenly!


Have I ever mentioned how much I love Yzerfontein as a town? For those who don’t know it, it’s a perfect seaside village outside of Langebaan with secret beaches, family-friendly restaurants with lovely owners that were completely okay with me breastfeeding Amelia which is a big plus in my books.


Easter morning was a quiet affair at home before we decided to head back to Cape Town to beat any kind of crazy traffic. I naturally went a bit crazy with the camera and took a million pictures. I whittled them down to the below. You’re welcome. 😉amelias-first-easter-18amelias-first-easter-17amelias-first-easter-19amelias-first-easter-2120160327_132700amelias-first-easter-25amelias-first-easter-2720160327_13193920160327_132531

I honestly can’t wait to return and suspend time as we enjoy baby giggles, amazed stares at seagulls, wrinkled noses at the scent of braai food, and happy cheer and togetherness with those I love.


Rambling around and a life update

Hey lovelies,

Do you ever sit back and wonder where on earth time has gone?!

This past month and a bit has been quite the run-around I must say. In what way I hear you cry? Well …

My cousin Wayne and I attended the free Comic Book Day event at Stadium on Main and got to get some great pics of cosplayers.

Then, A MidSummer Nights Dream ran at the Masque Theatre (the show I was production secretary for) and I suffered some sever post-show blues once it’s 2-week run was over … trust me, they’re a real thing. Ask any actor or theatre contributor how they feel when their show run ends and be prepared for waterworks if the cast has been tight. In fact, in honour of missing them all (and because I tested out my first ‘fancy’ camera, I’m doing a little photo montage post to showcase the amazing theatre people I was working with.
Photos By Roseanna McBain (C) TravelGround (100)
Bites and Sites tour of Stellenbosch (C) Roseanna McBain (9)
Photos By Roseanna McBain (C) TravelGround (391)
Stellenbosch (C) Roseanna McBain (234)

Next up was a visit to Stellenbosch to take part in #Stellenblog 2015 via a Bites and Sites foodie tour with Hanli. I got to meet some very talented bloggers and experience the winelands in a new (and thoroughly recommended) way. You can read about my full experience here.

IMG_4657 IMG_4884 20150508_124601Esona (C) Roseanna McBain (10) Esona (C) Roseanna McBain (53)IMG_554020150510_09251520150509_08293320150510_11012720150509_17402120150509_184318

The very next day a good friend from work and I were whisked away by DC Tours to visit the magical country town of McGregor, and we meet some media peeps who I simply adore (and am still in touch with). I’ll be doing a full post on our trip at some point later in the month, but as you can see from the pics above, this country town is something incredibly special! ^_^

This whirlwind of activity took place just after finding out that I’m pregnant (I feel like I should say ta-dah about that :p) but there’ll be plenty more about this big news in that in a separate post. For those curious, the little life forming in me is going to be a healthy baby girl, and she’s due in December! ^_^

On the home front, we’ve finally got a semblance of a kitchen together again, albeit that it’s spread over two rooms, now that tiling has finally been completed. Next up, painting the kitchen!

Sorry for the surprise photo blurb, but I thought you’d enjoy a peek into what’s kept me away from my (semi) regular posting schedule. ^_^

Country Anniversary: Breakfast at Peregrine Farm Stall


Heeader Country Anniversary Breakfast at Peregrine Farm Stall 1 (C) Rambling with Rose - Copy

Hello lovelies,

If you’ve noticed I’ve been rather  absent around here lately it’s because I’ve been away celebrating my 4-year anniversary in the nearby valley of Elgin.

It was a very special time, so picture if you will: autumn days, winelands flowing out over hills and into valleys, country-scented air (that smelled of pine forests, orchards, freshly churned dirt, and country cuisine), shaded green farmland and cute animals, coupled with warm sunshine and crisp, cold evenings with clear skies.

Naturally, our stay at Old Mac Daddy in the middle of all of this was a dream come true. ^_^

So since I’ve been gone a while, I’m going to show, rather than tell, you what we’ve been up to – starting with our breakfast at Red Tractor Café  (found within Peregrine Farm Stall, in Grabouw).

Though we don’t visit often, the attached café restaurant at Peregrine Farm Stall is our go-to first choice whenever we have to head over the ‘berg.

Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 2) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 3)Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 4) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 5) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 7)

The rebuilt restaurant is very airy and free-flowing (and done, we think, in a style inspired by Brinny Breeze, the restaurant at Old Mac Daddy). With friendly staff, hearty food, and an easy-to-read blackboard for those seeking takeaways, we’re happy to report that the food is divine and oh-so-fresh! ^_^

Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 8)Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 10) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 11) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 12) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 14) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 15) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 16.1) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 17) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 18)

After sating ourselves and doing a quick trip through the shop to get some snacks, we walked the grounds and viewed the mini Duncan Roses nursery before setting off to find Old Mac Daddy (I cannot wait to show you pics of this beautiful spot!) ^_^

We’re heading to Old Mac Daddy’s – a luxurious farm stay in the woods

Hi lovelies,
Having stayed at the Daddy Long Legs Hotel in Cape Town the eve before my wedding (thanks to my stunning sister Barbara), I remember being astonished by the artistically decorated rooms, perfect bedding, lovely views and friendly service – as well as the seemingly endless glasses of Method Cap Classique that were gleefully imbibed from the chic downstairs bar.My bridesmaids and I enjoyed every aspect of the hotel, from sipping bubbly on the terrace overlooking the lively city nightlife to curling up under a big fluffy duvet in a room that had decorations that were out of this world. It’s quite understandable that this venue has a very special place in my memories.It’s where I woke up a good 2 hours before my alarm clock on my wedding day, and trying to quell the butterflies in my stomach, browsed the various medical decor about the room before grabbing a shower. It’s where the first quiet knock on my door for the day announced the arrival of my makeup artist, aunty and mum. It’s where my pristine, sparkly wedding dress and shoes were revealed and I was dressed, as those nearest and dearest to me gave me teary hugs and kisses. It’s where my final coffee as a single lady was sipped, and it’s where my father and I had a quiet chat in a small hallway alcove, before we made our way to the Castle and my betrothed.

Finding out that the Daddy Long Legs hotel had a second accommodation that was hidden in a pine forest, not even an hour outside of Cape Town, meant that a stay at Old Mac Daddy has been on my books for a long while – though the timing has just never been right.

With hubby and I celebrating our 4-year anniversary this year, a cosy getaway close to Cape Town was what we were seeking and the search for a perfect accommodation began – from looking at seaside getaways, country and wineland stays, small town houses, and even a center city apartments, the one thing we had agreed on was that we needed somewhere serene.

When a blog on Old Mac Daddy caught my eye, all those happy memories from a night at the Daddy Long Legs hotel sprang to mind, and it was quickly decided that this beautiful haven in the country would be our chosen anniversary venue. Though, since they’re an incredibly popular escape I was half-terrified that my newly imagined getaway plans would be declined from a lack of availability. So just try and imagine the goofy grin that graced my face when I received a confirmation from them, a scant half hour after my enquiry for the Mills & Boon Airstream trailer, along with a polite query as to whether we’d like a massage!! ^_^

I’m absolutely over the moon as this caravan practically screams romance and seclusion.

So stay tuned everyone, pics and a blog will follow! ^_~

Sauntering around sand dunes and spotting whales at De Hoop Nature Reserve

Main pic De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose

Hi there lovelies,

Have you ever just wanted to run away and escape? To explore beautiful scenery and marvel at the wonders of nature far from the daily grind? I’ve had that feeling recently, an ache to go exploring and simply be.

Which is why being whisked away to De Hoop Nature Reserve was the best thing I could’ve imagined! I said goodbye to city life, and bid farewell to responsibility for a little while as the Mr and I spent a weekend in utter paradise with some dear friends. Be warned that the road in to De Hoop is incredibly bumpy (and you feel a tad like 007’s famous drink at the end of it).

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (482)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (473)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (470)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (467)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (427)

After settling in and sunscreening up, our group got to scramble around sand dunes, explore walking trails and beautiful flora, spot whales breaching and calves playing while we picnicked near the shoreline, before dashing merrily around algae-stained caverns at low-tide to watch sea anemones sway gently in underwater currents.

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (153)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (171)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (192)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (204)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (251)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (241)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (219)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (261)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (274)

Letting the soft sand cling to our feet and trickle between our toes as the wind whipped our hair about was magic in it’s purest form before we headed back to De Opstal to light an evening braai fire.

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (78)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (346) resize

Trading stories and laughter over a bottle of wine as barn swallows flitted about at sunset; replaced by bats after dark along with the call of a baboon troop, while a sea of stars sparkle above us meant I just had to use my stargazing app and discover the constellations both above (and below) where we were.

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (354)

The next day we took a bit of a drive and saw buck of all kinds, along with zebra with calves, the odd ostrich, and passed other weekenders riding bikes, which naturally meant we had to take a turn too.

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (452)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (453)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (335)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (319)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (312)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (307)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (301)

I hate to admit it, but I’ve never actually learnt to ride before, so while our friends merrily followed along one of the bike pathways, hubby got to coach me for just under 2 hours on how to ride – and I was over the moon when I finally stayed on my two-wheeled transport for over 3 minutes (before kissing the dirt yet again … I’m almost certain I saw a buck shake it’s head at me when that happened). Ah well, maybe one day I’ll get to try again and master riding a bike. After that, to somewhat soothe my spirits, we wandered the gift shop and restaurant, and I photographed the ruins of the old restaurant which burnt down very carefully. From the doorway. Of course. 😉

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (418)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (414)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (420)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (380)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (378)

If you ever get the chance to go here, do take it! Because spending time in this coastal paradise and unique biome does a world of good for your soul.

Have you ever gone to De Hoop and done a stargazing experience or marine walk? I’m tempted to do one of the two next time I go. ^_^

Rambling Around: Travel in 2014

Hello sweetie,

I can’t believe there’s only 3 days left to enjoy the year, and coupled with New Year celebrations, seeing friends, cleaning house and enjoying the warm sunshine, it’s time to take a break and share with you a round up post detailing my top travel moments from 2014! ^_^


Overhex Wines (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

The hotspring hotspot of Montagu is where we celebrated our 3-year anniversary. On the way up, we stopped in at OverHex Winery just outside of Worcester for some breakfast indulgences, and ended up purchasing 3 of the divine Balance wines before continuing our journey.

Arrival at Ravanna (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Ravenna Pets (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Ravenna cottage amenities (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

Opting to stay out of town, we spent our anniversary at the 3-star rated Ravanna Mountain Retreat, complete with pets, two mountain-fed swimming pool springs, a little farmyard and veggie garden, and secluded cottages. After sigining in and gathering the keys for our cottage, we were accompanied to our weekend abode by the friendly dogs who often go hiking with visitors, and were greeted with the sight of our little wooden cabin, complete with a secluded porch and braai area, outdoor shower, and all you could need for a cosy weekend stay. I have to say, Ravenna is definitely on my ‘return-to’ list – it’s simply gorgeous! ^_^

Guano Caves (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Guano Caves and Montagu Hot Springs (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)The Wine Boutique (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

While in Montagu, we visited Guano Caves and their heated pools, popped into Montagu Springs to soak in the mineral-rich thermal heated waters, and went food tasting all around town – with notable mentions for Platform 62,  De Oude Kombuis (the old kitchen), and Viljoensdrift in Robertson.



Tulbagh Collage1 (Copy)Tulbagh Ceres Snow2 (Copy)Butterfly world in Klapmuts (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

We visited Tulbagh in July – which is the middle of winter for the Western Cape. Despite expecting a weekend of rain, we got plenty of crisp sunny days, when the landscape varied between lush green fields, grey skies, and snow on the Ceres mountains.  Picture beautiful farmlands and cattle, country stalls and warm hospitality, and hearty farm fare served at every restaurant and hotel we supped at. We stayed at Saronsberg Vineyard Cottages, just outside of Tulbagh, and loved the on-site horses, easy drinking wines, and Sarah, the friendly manageress. After exploring the town, we set off further afield to go zip lining over rocky gorges that have snowy peaks beckoning in the distance, and a day trip to the snow-covered Ceres mountains. On our return trip to Cape Town, we stopped in at Butterfly World in Klapmuts, which is highly recommended for families. There are numerous bird species, several free roaming monkeys, and a host of extraordinary butterflies to see.



Hermanus 1 (C) Rambling with RoseHermanus 2 (C) Rambling with Rose

The whale watching town of Hermanus is a coastal paradise, with numerous ocean walks and whale viewing points, a wine land valley aptly named “Hemel en Aarde” (heaven on earth) and country markets to visit around the town every Saturday. There are restaurants and bars to explore and with accommodations that range from cosy overnight self-catering spots to decadent hotel comforts there’s a range of options to suit every kind of traveller. We stayed at the beautiful 5-star Schulphoek Seafront Guesthouse, and spotted a whale breaching just off-shore from our cottage! The manageress Petro, and her kindly husband were our hosts, and we dined with them, enjoyed wine tastings and wandering around the beautiful property. ^_^



Once in Cape Town (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Once in Cape Town food (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

If ever you need a stay in the heart of the Mother City, I can highly recommend Once in Cape Town – a backpackers come B&B with cosy rooms and fantastic food offered in their downstairs restaurant / pub. Though hubby and I only stayed here one night, it’s another place on my list of must ‘return-to’! ^_^



Stellenbosch 1 (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Stellenbosch 3 (C) Rambling with RoseStellenbosch 2.1 (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

The famed Cape Winelands are an impressive sight with rolling vineyards, unique tasting rooms, friendly locals, and enough food varieties to keep even the most puritanical foodie happy. We stayed at the gorgeous 4-star WedgeView Country House & Spa, visited J.C Le Roux, Delheim wine estate, and the Stellenbosch Slow market.



De Hoop Nature (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)De Hoop ocean (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

A must-see for nature lovers, De Hoop Nature Reserve is a good 3-hour drive away from Cape Town, and though the dirt road is incredibly bumpy, it’s doable in a small car if you keep your speed down to 20km (ensure you’ve got a good playlist going, as it really is a long, bouncy drive). The seclusion of the reserve adds to it’s charm, and once you’ve arrived and paid the CapeNature fee, you’ll drive in and see the snow-white sand dunes in the background, with the odd glint of the ocean behind them, while a lush paradise dips and snakes off to your right, disappearing into the horizon.

De Hoop Beauty (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)De Hoop amenities (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

Kudu, zebra, and baboon troops (with babies!) were spotted wandering the landscape after we drove in, while swallows and bats swooped high above us later that evening as we lit our braai fire (word to the wise: don’t leave interior lights on and a door open in the evenings as moths will invade the entire property).  The marine walk around snowy sea dunes and the sea shore is incredibly memorable, especially if you come in season to see over 20 whale pods and their babies frolicking in the surf. Then there’s the natural beauty in every direction you look, with blooming wild flowers amid fynbos bushes, and winding bicycle trails you can explore on to the amusement of wildlife who often lazily watch visitors take to two wheels (and it is here, that I finally mastered riding a bicycle myself!). A place to stay at for longer than just a weekend if you can.



Langebaan Driftwood Cafe (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Breakfast in Langebaan (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

We’ve actually visited Langebaan several times this year to see friend’s who’ve moved there, and bit by bit I’ve fallen in love with it’s laid back atmosphere, ocean-scented air, and varied attractions.

Fossil Park 2 (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Exploring Langebaan (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Kraal Bay (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Langebaan shops (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

We’ve explored the greater Langebaan and West Coast area, including visits to the West Coast Fossil Park (recommended for all ages!), Sunny Park (which is a local entertainment area for families), Kraalbaai with it’s waist-high waters, and some local shops along Bree Street, which is right opposite Langebaan beach.

Club Mykanos scenery (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Club Mykanos sunset (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

During a work trip with friends, we stayed with friends at Club Mykanos, a raved about Greecian-styled resort that offers multi-coloured casas, ocean views, restaurants and a variety of entertainments that include a casino, children’s club, and several giant chess sets and swimming pools. After spending a weekend at the all-in-one paradise, I can say it’s fully deserving of it’s reputation for providing a touch of Greece in South Africa.



Marina Break (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)  Noordhoek cottage (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

For hubby’s 31st birthday this November, we decided to visit the little seaside suburb of Noordhoek, to enjoy a weekend getaway in style and explore what the area had to offer.

Noordhoek flowers (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Breakfast (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

The scenery was stunning, and the home-cooked breakfasts from the owner were divine! With fruit juice, french-pressed coffee, fruit and yoghurt, bacn, eggs, and toast, and a variety of little jams, we were incredibly well fed and remained so until long after our usual lunch time.

Red Herring Drinks (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Decadent dinner at Red Herring (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

Red Herring is a stunning spot for sundowners and supper, and with such a wide menu variety, we decided to pick a couple of different dishes to try. As you can see above, they were well portioned! 🙂

A quick coffee (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy) Chinese (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)Imhoff farm (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

We visited several restaurants including the Red Herring and the Imperial Chinese Gardens, visited Imhoff Farm, did some early morning and late evening beach walks, and made use of our little 1-bedroom (and en-suite) cottage at Marina Break.

Noordhoek Scenery (C) Rambling with Rose (Copy)

My 2014 theatre, family, random moments of beauty and other adventures will be coming soon; and if you don’t hear from me before, here’s wishing you a 2015 filled with love, laughter, friends, family, and fun!