NaNoWriMo Has Arrived

Hello sweetie,

It’s November 1st which means that Nanowrimo has finally arrived, much to the delight and dread of the thousands of us who’ve entered it (and good luck to all the fellow writers reading this).

Instead of prepping like crazy last night, I decided to meet up with a friend (who’s also entering the NaNoWriMo challenge) and we visited the Vintage Market in Woodstock Town Hall.

Though many of you may wonder in despair why I decided not to do the writing challenge at the stroke of midnight , I felt it was best to unwind before the need to start writing for several hours a day takes hold in full force. It was a ton of fun, with lots of stall owners in Halloween outfits, beautiful clothing hung, draped and displayed, along with jewelry, shoes, and knickknacks. I ended up getting a small travel-sized jewelry box, which will be perfect for weekends away (I usually use old pill containers to transport my necklaces).

Salmon eggs benedict is delicious! (C) Roseanna McBain

Today, after a hearty Benedict eggs and salmon breakfast at Tribakery with my husband and mother in law, along with a heavenly hazelnut latte, I returned home to start writing.

Having written through the morning with only a few minor distractions along the way (updating my blog being one of them), I’ve clocked in a word count of 2388. Not too bad for a morning of writing and going back and editing (I know, I know that editing is a #NaNoWriMo fail, but I had to reword a few things). This high speed will probably drop during the week, due to time constraints, but next weekend I’m devoting solely to writing, so that should help make up some lost time. 🙂

How has your first day of NaNoWriMo gone?