Midway through NaNoWriMo

Hello lovely,

Since NaNoWriMo’s start I have successfully cleaned the kitchen, done all the laundry, organised my cupboards, and made several yummy suppers which I’ll share on here at a later date; as well as headed out on jaunts around the Cape. Specifically to Noordhoek, the CBD, and to friends – which was likely a bad idea since all these activities interfere with my writing schedule, BUT as I’ve been willing (and so far able) to play late-night word catch-ups, I feel it will all work out well in the end … which is a week away! Le eeek!

Who knew that when you feel uninspired and unmotivated you magically revert back to your “Do anything but write/study/learn” routines from high school?!?

That was a bit of a shock, since I’m quite dedicated normally, but don’t judge me harshly just yet!

I found that while I distracted myself with basic household task I usually loathe, I actually sat down after them with a mind buzzing with ideas again. I guess habitual tasks you don’t need too much mental power for actually help you to relax and let the ideas start flowing again. Which I totally count as a #win! Likewise, visiting new scenery has led to an increased attention to scenic details in my novel, which I originally intended to return to in December to flesh out a bit.

As I’ve tried to write close to 2000 words a day, I’m not too far behind on my writing schedule, and with the #DoubleUpDay being a chance to double your usual wordcount (and donate if you can), I’ve ensured that my schedule is free and clear today to do nothing but write. I really shouldn’t be updating you dear readers, but since I’ve clocked in 1,500 words today already, I’m feeling good since it’s only 14:00.

How is your novel progressing – and have you had any challenges crop up that you want to share?