Amelia’s First Christmas

Hey lovelies,

Is there any time of year that’s more magical than that of Christmas? For me, not really. I love the lights, the festive cheer, the happiness on peoples faces as they get to unwind and enjoy a few days off with loved ones, and this year is even more special because of the tiny angel we’re sharing it with!

Amelia is now just over 2 weeks old and I’m so completely and utterly in love with her it’s almost ridiculous! Her tiny hands, perfect nose, beautiful eyes … I could go on and on. 😉 I’m not sure how it is with most new parents but we feel quite lucky to discover that Amelia likes routine. She wakes and watches us and her surroundings – and her favourite thing other than me is the bedroom fan (who’d have guessed?!). She likes to breastfeed every two hours before falling into a tiny puddle of snores that I call her milk coma, and then the cycle is repeated every 3 hours without fail. Though I do long to sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time, I can’t consider not having her cuddled up close to my chest as I breathe in her soft, warm baby smell that just makes my heart feel so warm and glowy – and fit to burst!

I know you’re probably wondering how Christmas this year went, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite pictures from Amelia’s first Christmas. We tend to run around every year and see family, so the pictures below are of our Christmas at home, our Christmas at granny and grandpa, and our Christmas at ouma and oupa. ^_^


I hope you had a happy Christmas everyone and that you’ll have an incredible New Years Eve too.


Welcome Amelia

Hi lovelies,

Sorry for the delay in getting this up, but it’s been an incredibly busy last few days as hubby and I finally got to meet our beautiful little girl! Though it was via an emergency C-section and not a natural birth as planned (despite an 11 hour labor), I’m really over the moon at finally meeting my little girl!

My little angel (C) Rambling with Rose

Instead of keeping you in suspense, here are a few photographs to tide you over, until I have time to update properly. 😉

Born at 5 minutes to midnight (C) Rambling with Rose

Being prepped for surgery and cracking jokes (C) Rambling with Rose

Getting to hold my daughter (C) Rambling with Rose Amelia being checked out (C) Rambling with Rose The wonderful surgical team (C) Rambling with Rose Holding Amelia after her first feed (C) Rambling with Rose Daddy and daughter (C) Rambling with Rose  Our little super girl!

This tiny little angel has definitely brought a whole lot of love with her! ❤

What’s in my :: Hospital Bag?

It’s funny to think that I used to be a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kinda gal, as being pregnant morphed me into one of those incredibly over-eager ladies who packed and repacked (and repacked and repacked) the hospital bags for baby and I … “just in case”.

While I plan 100% to bring my little girl into the world via natural birth, pragmatically anything can happen between my plans and her actual birth, which is why I’ve also packed items that would come in handy should an emergency C-section occur. It’s funny to realise that a lot of what I’ve packed in here for me doubles as some of my travel favourite items, so read on to have a peek.


Labour Bag

  • Oversized black t-shirt and mini skirt (because I really don’t want to end up in a hospital gown)
  • Nursing pillow – in case I decide to contort into a variety of shapes while feeding baby McBean
  • Socks – I hate, hate, hate having cold feet and want to have the option to warm any cold tootsies during my stay … though I do plan to have  a pedicure in a cheerful colour that I can stare at while pushing
  • Music – I focus really well when there’s music playing, and have a labour playlist already put together with a combo of soothing classical, trippy new age, dubstep and heavy rock … depending on my mood
  • Earphones – in case I can’t play my CD then at least I can still listen to music on my phone
  • Camera – I plan to document my whole journey to show my beautiful little girl one day, so a camera is kinda a given to be packed :p


  • Homemade date balls – these will come in handy for energy, just in case the labour goes on for ages.
  • Pomegranate seeds – I’ve read up and apparently pomegranate seeds are highly recommended for preggy mamas in the last few weeks before birth as they have protective properties in the event baby’s oxygen is cut off. While this could be completely untrue, I do quite like their taste so have been snacking on these like crazy.
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea – I’m planning to make a batch for my refillable water bottle on the day, but so far I’ve been sipping it for the past week and it’s flavour-wise, it’s not all that bad (and is a nice change from Rooi8os).


Hospital Bag for Amelia:

First up, after shopping around on my own and coming up with nothing, hubby surprised me with one of my top 3 favourite bag choices, the BabyMoov BabyChic. I fell in love with this bag for all kinds of reasons – it’s spacious, the inner dividers look like they’ll come in handy, the exterior is a wipe-and-go fabric which makes it perfect for all seasons and events, and the practical attachable changing mat, bottle pouch and dummy holder mean they can come or go as needed. I could go on, and on, but I’m certain you get the idea – it’s got everything a new mama could want and then some. The colour is a lovely neutral red and gray which means hubby can wear it too, when out and about with her, and it should last well into her toddler years (and beyond) as a bag for weekends away.

While I’m certain the hospital will have most of the items required (including a medi-clinic bag to take home), I’m packing anything and everything which could come in handy for her:


As we’re been repeatedly told our baby girl is going to come out between 3kg – 3.5kg, I’ve packed a variety of newborn sized items -> though I’ve also packed two tiny baby long-sleeve vest and jacket, and a 0 – 3 month old babygrow, in the event she’s actually smaller / larger then predicted as this has happened to my a good friend of mine. So in her bag I have:

  • 2 x baby grows – pink and white
  • 2x vests – in white
  • 2x jackets – white and beige
  • 2x sleep suites
  • 2x footed pants
  • 2x baby socks
  • 2x cotton hats

Other items

I’ve included 2x BabySense Muslin receiving blankets in pink and stone, one soft cotton receiving blanket, and a fluffy acrylic blanket to boot. This may be overkill but because it’s summer I don’t know how warm/ cool the hospital is going to be and I don’t want to boil my baby (or freeze her) inadvertently.

Medications and Hygiene

Packing for the hospital

Most of the items I’m bringing with for Amelia’s hospital stay are sample sized versions that were supplied by Dischem when I signed up for their baby program (and received a well-stocked black and white paisley bag).

Items include:

A sample-sized sudocream, Baby Johnson’s Vaseline, Bennetts bath oil, surgical spirits, rounded earbuds, size 0 nappies and Huggies wet wipes.

A medicine pouch with a thermometer, nasal aspirator, nail clippers, nail file, and a small saline solution drops. We’re totally unlikely to need all of this in a hospital, but I’m a first-time mama, so this is going to stay close, until baby is at least 3 months and I feel comfortable leaving something behind. :p

Hospital Bag for me:

So I may or may not have originally packed as if the apocalypse was coming, going so far as to include a pair of chic combat boots (a tad much, right?). But to be fair, my recent edits to my hospital bag have left me only with the items necessary for immediately after birth and to comfortably tide me over for a day or two spent in hospital. I do plan to have visitors and have packed accordingly so I look and feel presentable (each to their own on this score – I personally want my  Labello Cherry Red lip balm and eye-shadow … mainly so I look awake for the inevitable photographs).


2x nursing bras from Woolworths

2x sports bras from Mr Price (sooo comfy to wear while I’ve been preggies)

2x tank tops that can double as nursing tops

1x black maxi skirt

1x loose cotton pants

1x black maxi dress


2x lace nighties (because who says you can’t look cute when you’ve just had a baby?!)

1x Cotton On Kimono nightgown (I seriously love this style so much!)

1x slippers (I refuse to walk barefoot around … it will probably be cold)


1x Dark blue facecloth

1x Soap and travel-sized shower gel

1x Carriwell Maternity Pads (they are giant – GIANT – scary looking things, but will come in super, super handy because regardless of how you give birth, you turn into a bit of a bleeder) 0_o (or so say those of my friends who’ve had kids) ;0)

1x Pack of Medela Nursing Pads – in case my milk comes in early and is fairly plentiful (**here’s hoping)

A small selection of makeup items

C-section items:

1x Dry shampoo – I’m a big believer that if your hair is clean and smells good, you feel so much better so dry shampoo is one of my favourite items when I go anywhere for more than a day

1x Enerjelly sweets (so yum!) in case I need to snack and can’t walk to a vending machine

1x Cleanser and toner and 5x cotton pads (because if I can’t go to the bathroom to wash my face, I want to be able to freshen up somehow)

1x Spearmint Chewing Gum – again, if I can’t make it to the bathroom to brush my teeth, at least my breath will smell somewhat fresh

1x Tissue pack – in case I need to blow my nose / blot my face / I run out of cotton pads

And that pretty much wraps up my list of items so far. Who knows, maybe this list will change again, but this is it for now.

Any advice you can give on what you packed in your hospital bag will be gladly received in case this undergoes another edit. 😉

Rambling around and a life update

Hey lovelies,

Do you ever sit back and wonder where on earth time has gone?!

This past month and a bit has been quite the run-around I must say. In what way I hear you cry? Well …

My cousin Wayne and I attended the free Comic Book Day event at Stadium on Main and got to get some great pics of cosplayers.

Then, A MidSummer Nights Dream ran at the Masque Theatre (the show I was production secretary for) and I suffered some sever post-show blues once it’s 2-week run was over … trust me, they’re a real thing. Ask any actor or theatre contributor how they feel when their show run ends and be prepared for waterworks if the cast has been tight. In fact, in honour of missing them all (and because I tested out my first ‘fancy’ camera, I’m doing a little photo montage post to showcase the amazing theatre people I was working with.
Photos By Roseanna McBain (C) TravelGround (100)
Bites and Sites tour of Stellenbosch (C) Roseanna McBain (9)
Photos By Roseanna McBain (C) TravelGround (391)
Stellenbosch (C) Roseanna McBain (234)

Next up was a visit to Stellenbosch to take part in #Stellenblog 2015 via a Bites and Sites foodie tour with Hanli. I got to meet some very talented bloggers and experience the winelands in a new (and thoroughly recommended) way. You can read about my full experience here.

IMG_4657 IMG_4884 20150508_124601Esona (C) Roseanna McBain (10) Esona (C) Roseanna McBain (53)IMG_554020150510_09251520150509_08293320150510_11012720150509_17402120150509_184318

The very next day a good friend from work and I were whisked away by DC Tours to visit the magical country town of McGregor, and we meet some media peeps who I simply adore (and am still in touch with). I’ll be doing a full post on our trip at some point later in the month, but as you can see from the pics above, this country town is something incredibly special! ^_^

This whirlwind of activity took place just after finding out that I’m pregnant (I feel like I should say ta-dah about that :p) but there’ll be plenty more about this big news in that in a separate post. For those curious, the little life forming in me is going to be a healthy baby girl, and she’s due in December! ^_^

On the home front, we’ve finally got a semblance of a kitchen together again, albeit that it’s spread over two rooms, now that tiling has finally been completed. Next up, painting the kitchen!

Sorry for the surprise photo blurb, but I thought you’d enjoy a peek into what’s kept me away from my (semi) regular posting schedule. ^_^

Review: Softer Skin and the Scent of Summer with Skin Clays

Skin Clays Main Picture (C) Rambling with Rose  (2)

I’ll admit it, I love autumn. It’s my favourite season of the year as it falls in the Goldilocks zone of temperatures for me, where I can wear thick socks and boots with sundresses, pair fluffy cardigans with tunics and jeggings, take long walks in the evenings and come home to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. I even look forward to feeling more awake in the mornings because of the cooler, brisk air that wakes me up. It’s pretty much the perfect season, except for the fact that the summer months of sun and exposure to the elements start to show – most notably on my hands which dry out and flake quite badly, despite slathering on hand cream before bed nightly.

So when the lovely ladies from Skin Clays sent me a summer-scented green clay and lemongrass hand cream to try out and included a sensitive-skin friendly rose geranium body scrub, I was over the moon! ^_^

Skin Clays Hand cream (C) Rambling with Rose

I love sampling all kinds of beauty and skin products and was doubly excited to try this fully South African range after learning that their products are created to beauty without cruelty standards, and are 100% natural (with some great benefits for the skin from the clay and essential oils). ^_^

As I had planned a weekend anniversary getaway in Elgin, I decided to test out the body scrub on hubby and myself, and after some mild persuasion on my part, he too partook in trying out the sandy-pink clay before washing as normal in the shower.

Skin Clays Body Scrub (C) Rambling with Rose

Though he wasn’t a fan of the texture (but he did admit he liked the smell) I can say I liked it – as you feel squeaky clean after using it – and that’s before applying your body wash as normal. The soft, soothing smell of rose geranium added a lovely, luxurious touch to my morning and evening bathing rituals, and the scent lingers for ages afterwards. The only thing I can say I was mildly surprised at was that once wet the clay (as it does in nature), took a bit more effort to apply and then wash off than I’d first imagined, though once you wash it off,  your skin does feel quite toned and taut.

Skin Clays Hand Cream using (C) Rambling with Rose

The hand cream I adore and it fits perfectly into the pocket of my bag to tote around with me during the day. Not only is the refreshing lemon grass scent a pick-me-up when I’m feeling lethargic, but I can honestly say that my hands have never looked this good after a summer of sunshine and outdoor activities. The skin is soft, my cuticles aren’t flaky, and there’s not even a hint of a hangnail in sight (which given the time of year is a miracle in itself).

All in all, these are products I can recommend whole-heartedly as they leave you with softer skin, and to me, smell like lazy summer days outdoors in the country.

Skin Clays Review (C) Rambling with Rose  (14)

I’ll admit, I’m waiting till payday to order the Hydrating Rose Clay Skin Cream online, as the small sample of it I received was a rich, luxurious, creamy delight, and went on like a dream! I cannot wait to get a full-sized product to add it to my autumn beauty arsenal. ^_^

You can check out the Skin Clays Facebook page to stay up to date and keep an eye out for specials, holistic and seasonal tips. Also, pop along to Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street, Cape Town later today to chat to Karen, the lovely Skin Clays owner, otherwise, pop in to check out the full Skin Clay products and ranges – available in-store year-round.


Disclaimer: The full-sized products featured in this post were sponsored by Skin Clays in exchange for an honest review. 

Country Anniversary: Breakfast at Peregrine Farm Stall


Heeader Country Anniversary Breakfast at Peregrine Farm Stall 1 (C) Rambling with Rose - Copy

Hello lovelies,

If you’ve noticed I’ve been rather  absent around here lately it’s because I’ve been away celebrating my 4-year anniversary in the nearby valley of Elgin.

It was a very special time, so picture if you will: autumn days, winelands flowing out over hills and into valleys, country-scented air (that smelled of pine forests, orchards, freshly churned dirt, and country cuisine), shaded green farmland and cute animals, coupled with warm sunshine and crisp, cold evenings with clear skies.

Naturally, our stay at Old Mac Daddy in the middle of all of this was a dream come true. ^_^

So since I’ve been gone a while, I’m going to show, rather than tell, you what we’ve been up to – starting with our breakfast at Red Tractor Café  (found within Peregrine Farm Stall, in Grabouw).

Though we don’t visit often, the attached café restaurant at Peregrine Farm Stall is our go-to first choice whenever we have to head over the ‘berg.

Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 2) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 3)Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 4) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 5) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 7)

The rebuilt restaurant is very airy and free-flowing (and done, we think, in a style inspired by Brinny Breeze, the restaurant at Old Mac Daddy). With friendly staff, hearty food, and an easy-to-read blackboard for those seeking takeaways, we’re happy to report that the food is divine and oh-so-fresh! ^_^

Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 8)Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 10) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 11) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 12) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 14) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 15) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 16.1) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 17) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 18)

After sating ourselves and doing a quick trip through the shop to get some snacks, we walked the grounds and viewed the mini Duncan Roses nursery before setting off to find Old Mac Daddy (I cannot wait to show you pics of this beautiful spot!) ^_^

Our Anniversary at Old Mac Daddy

Hello lovelies,

Wow – what a stunning anniversary we had in Elgin at Old Mac Daddy! It was characterised by crisp mornings followed by warm, sunshine-filled days that were spent exploring the Elgin area – with it’s smooth wines and hard cheeses, as well as plenty of fresh organic foods and friendly locals.

I loved heading out to explore the surrounding countryside, but I also loved returning to our cosy caravan each evening and sitting out on the deck under a canopy of sparkling stars. Seriously, if you love star gazing then this is one of the best spots to be at … plus the odd nightcap at Brinny Breeze was a welcome decadent treat.

So in short, I can say that our time in this beautiful little valley was as perfect as could be hoped for. Want to have a peek at how we spent our anniversary? Check out the pics below! ^_^

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 1)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 39)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 12)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 11)

old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-54old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-26-1Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 43).jpgOld Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 60).jpgOld Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 61).jpgOld Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 74).jpgold-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-38old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-3old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-edit-17old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-edit-34old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-edit-37Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 32)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 23)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 15)


Charles Fox (they do gorgeous MCC tastings)

2015-03-25 10.34.41.jpg2015-03-25 10.43.16.jpg2015-03-25 10.43.50.jpg2015-03-25 10.47.12.jpg2015-03-25 10.45.07.jpg

Winters Drift Winery (so awesome – plus it’s on a train platform <3)


South Hill

South Hill (C) Rambling with Rose (2).jpgSouth Hill (C) Rambling with Rose (8).jpgSouth Hill (C) Rambling with Rose (7).jpgIf you’re ever in this part of the world, do stop in and make yourself at home – it’s one of my personal favourite escapes and it’s literally just outside of Cape Town. There are so many gorgeous wineries and restaurants in the area to check out  (ya’ll know I’m a secret foodie, right?) and plenty of fun to be had for families with kids too!

Have you ever been to Old Mac Daddy? Which trailer did you stay in?