Saving my Sanity with the Baby Sense Sleepy Sac

Hi lovelies,

What a roller coaster ride with little Amelia it’s been since her six month marker and it’s both amazing and terrifying to realise she’s 9 months old today! From starting solids and splashing with glee at bath time to the sweetest baby gurgles and laughs as we mimic each other, to temper tantrums and tears when she hits over tired or has an eczema flare up, to her somehow still only sleeping for an average of 2 1/2 hours at any one time at night. Any other mama’s feeling the drain of sleep deprivation? Know any methods other than CIO?

Amelia in the BabySense Sleep Sac (8).JPG

Sleep deprivation aside it’s been a mostly fun ride, though learning how to keep her toasty through those cold, cold nights has been a bit of a challenge, especially because she just loves to kick off her covers. When I do grab some shut eye it’s usually fraught with worry and thoughts of ‘what if the blanket goes over her face’, or ‘what if she’s waking up because she’s cold and I haven’t dressed her warmly enough’. So on goes the light while I behold my little sleeping angel, who’s usually managed to kick off the blanket. I tuck the blanket in tightly around her again and sometimes she stays asleep through this, but usually she wakes up, and the cycle starts again (and again … and again). Because my baby has FOMO and once she’s up, she’s usually up for a while. **Sigh**


It’s enough to drive any new mom to insanity (the definition of which is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results)… and insanity is where I was definitely heading. Right up until I received a beautiful Baby Sense Winter Sleepy Sac.

Amelia in the BabySense Sleep Sac (5 - edit).jpg

Designed to keep little ones safe and warm this sleeping bag styled blanket eliminates the need to constantly check that your baby is safe and warm, and in no danger of suffocation. I’ve been using it for the past two weeks as part of her bedtime routine and after week one of use, it’s definitely made a difference in her comfort level at night. I’ve even been leaving her in it during those cold mornings and trips to granny, and can happily say I’m actually getting some shut eye now – for which I will gleefully insert a ‘whoop, whoop’ right here!

Amelia in the BabySense Sleep Sac (7  - edit).jpg

My favourite Sleepy Sac features:

  • Age range –  the Baby Sense Sleepy Sac is good from around 5 months* up to 18 months (*5 months or when your baby hits 7kg  / their head no longer goes through the neck opening … which for me was midway through the 8 month marker. What can I say, my little lady is still pretty petite)
  • Seatbelt / high chair opening – I can take Amelia from bed to the breakfast table, and from home to grannies, all while keeping her snug as a bug in a rug, and the best part is the fact she sleeps happily in it while in the car
  • Zip Closure pocket – the tiny pocket that goes over the zip means that when we snuggle in the early hours of the morning the zip doesn’t push into either of us like some closures do – and Amelia can’t see the zip so she doesn’t play with it

    Amelia in the BabySense Sleep Sac (3 - edited).jpg

  • Organic Cotton – perfect for anyone who is trying to keep their baby in natural fibers for either personal or health reasons, it also washes incredibly well
  • Three layers of warmth – with three layers of organic cotton to help prevent cold seeping in, your baby looks cute and feels cosy – though I do constantly check when we’re travelling that she hasn’t overheated in the car
  • Baby’s Mobility – Amelia can still roll, move and play happily

Amelia in the BabySense Sleep Sac (6 - edit).jpgamelia-in-the-babysense-sleep-sac-1-edit

Though this product was gifted to me by Baby Sense, I’ve been a big fan of their products since Amelia was born. In fact, if you’ve seen any pictures of Amelia from birth to three months, you’d have noticed that she was usually swaddled in a nice, big airy Baby Sense Muslin wrap (I bought 5 as they’re so handy!); when I’m out feeding her, she’s cuddled up beneath the Baby Sense Feeding Shawl (which has a handy sand weight so the shawl stays put on your shoulder). And have I ever mentioned how much she loves her tiny, trusty pink taglet? I had to get her two so she has one on hand while I wash the other (it gets very grimy while she’s teething).

After two weeks of testing I can say that the sleepy sac is a product I’ve come to love – so much so that our little family is going to be purchasing the Baby Sense Summer Sleepy Sac too! ^_^

Have you ever used a baby sleeping bag? What features do you love?

Kisses from Cape Town


Cosy Quarters & Content Tips at the #CTMeetUp in April


Hey lovelies,

Gosh, what a fun time it’s been recently with little lady and her late nights. I’ve been a bit behind on blog posts, but had to do a quick mention about the #CTMeetUP held at Eat on Main – a chic little spot found in Observatory with the cutest wall decor I’ve seen in a long while.

While I’m a bit too sleep deprived to find my wordy self and paint you a beautiful picture, I did happen to take a ton of photographs, so please scroll down and take a peek at what the day entailed.




My iron levels were taken by the lovely gentlemen featured above. 🙂 I was quite surprised they weren’t lower considering I haven’t had an iron supplement in ages (but I have been munching loads of spinach recently …so yay to that.) image

imageMassimo, the lovely owner of Eat on Main, was a delight to chat to for a few minutes and I have to say that the food we were served was absolutely delicious – and well worth returning for (I plan to bring hubby some time soon)!


The BabySense ladies were utterly charming and as I’m a huge fan, it was nice to get some one-on-one chat time in to ask some questions about various products.

With the lovely Mira from Hot Oven Marketing!

Seeing Mira from Hot oven Marketing and getting to chat and catch up with her was so much fun – I absolutely adore this sweet lady! Some other fantastic ladies I met and got to chat to include Julie from Heart Mama Blog, Meg from Boring Cape Town Chick, Bea from Madam Nomad, Mandy from Pregnant in Cape Town (who was the reason I picked Constantiaberg as my birth hospital), Juwayra from Curly Heads and Dimples, Nicola from 3 Trolls Mom, and Leigh from Red Lips and Darling Adventures.

Love these two ladies! ^_^

Selfie with MadamNomad

Thanks for the selfie together Pregnant in Cape Town! :)



We got a very humorous and informative talk from Webfluentials Sam and Ruan who each gave two passionate and completely different approaches to knowing your worth when dealing with brands, becoming an influencer, and a whole lot more (thanks again guys!).


While I don’t have a snap of them yet (I’ll post a few in here soon – promise!) the Brandrocket photo printing booth was absolutely phenomenally fun!! It worked by searching the event hashtag and printing the pics out on the photo booth (say what?! It’s that easy? Yes, yes it was!).



Dessert was decadent and delicious – and don’t you just love the sunlight highlights?! Seriously, I couldn’t have planned how beautiful that would look – and it’s made me so hungry all over again! ^_~

imageA huge thank you to Cindy Alfino and author Derryn Campbell for my Absolutely Awesome South Africa prize. As a travel blogger I adore learning new things about our vibrant, exciting country and this book is packed chock-a-block full of interesting insights, facts, stats and beautiful artwork and images. It’s a new coffee table favourite (and even my 4-month old loves sitting with me as I read excerpts to her and show her the pictures).

Thank you so much again Cindy and all the amazing sponsors – the gift bags were a surprising treat with some great brands and items I can’t wait to try! What kinds you wonder? There were a small selection of items from African Extract Rooibos, a Better You B12 Boost Spray, Cape Flora Mints and magazine, Bach Flower Rescue Pastilles, Playboy deodorants, as well as a plushie of Xander the dinosaur (my little one has already claimed him as her favourite new teething / cuddle buddy).

All in all it was a super event where I got to meet some lovely people, learn a few tricks of the trade and spend an enjoyable afternoon out and about. I can’t wait to start applying some of the practical tips provided and definitely look forward to attending future #CTMeetUP events.

Review: Softer Skin and the Scent of Summer with Skin Clays

Skin Clays Main Picture (C) Rambling with Rose  (2)

I’ll admit it, I love autumn. It’s my favourite season of the year as it falls in the Goldilocks zone of temperatures for me, where I can wear thick socks and boots with sundresses, pair fluffy cardigans with tunics and jeggings, take long walks in the evenings and come home to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. I even look forward to feeling more awake in the mornings because of the cooler, brisk air that wakes me up. It’s pretty much the perfect season, except for the fact that the summer months of sun and exposure to the elements start to show – most notably on my hands which dry out and flake quite badly, despite slathering on hand cream before bed nightly.

So when the lovely ladies from Skin Clays sent me a summer-scented green clay and lemongrass hand cream to try out and included a sensitive-skin friendly rose geranium body scrub, I was over the moon! ^_^

Skin Clays Hand cream (C) Rambling with Rose

I love sampling all kinds of beauty and skin products and was doubly excited to try this fully South African range after learning that their products are created to beauty without cruelty standards, and are 100% natural (with some great benefits for the skin from the clay and essential oils). ^_^

As I had planned a weekend anniversary getaway in Elgin, I decided to test out the body scrub on hubby and myself, and after some mild persuasion on my part, he too partook in trying out the sandy-pink clay before washing as normal in the shower.

Skin Clays Body Scrub (C) Rambling with Rose

Though he wasn’t a fan of the texture (but he did admit he liked the smell) I can say I liked it – as you feel squeaky clean after using it – and that’s before applying your body wash as normal. The soft, soothing smell of rose geranium added a lovely, luxurious touch to my morning and evening bathing rituals, and the scent lingers for ages afterwards. The only thing I can say I was mildly surprised at was that once wet the clay (as it does in nature), took a bit more effort to apply and then wash off than I’d first imagined, though once you wash it off,  your skin does feel quite toned and taut.

Skin Clays Hand Cream using (C) Rambling with Rose

The hand cream I adore and it fits perfectly into the pocket of my bag to tote around with me during the day. Not only is the refreshing lemon grass scent a pick-me-up when I’m feeling lethargic, but I can honestly say that my hands have never looked this good after a summer of sunshine and outdoor activities. The skin is soft, my cuticles aren’t flaky, and there’s not even a hint of a hangnail in sight (which given the time of year is a miracle in itself).

All in all, these are products I can recommend whole-heartedly as they leave you with softer skin, and to me, smell like lazy summer days outdoors in the country.

Skin Clays Review (C) Rambling with Rose  (14)

I’ll admit, I’m waiting till payday to order the Hydrating Rose Clay Skin Cream online, as the small sample of it I received was a rich, luxurious, creamy delight, and went on like a dream! I cannot wait to get a full-sized product to add it to my autumn beauty arsenal. ^_^

You can check out the Skin Clays Facebook page to stay up to date and keep an eye out for specials, holistic and seasonal tips. Also, pop along to Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street, Cape Town later today to chat to Karen, the lovely Skin Clays owner, otherwise, pop in to check out the full Skin Clay products and ranges – available in-store year-round.


Disclaimer: The full-sized products featured in this post were sponsored by Skin Clays in exchange for an honest review. 

Sauntering around sand dunes and spotting whales at De Hoop Nature Reserve

Main pic De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose

Hi there lovelies,

Have you ever just wanted to run away and escape? To explore beautiful scenery and marvel at the wonders of nature far from the daily grind? I’ve had that feeling recently, an ache to go exploring and simply be.

Which is why being whisked away to De Hoop Nature Reserve was the best thing I could’ve imagined! I said goodbye to city life, and bid farewell to responsibility for a little while as the Mr and I spent a weekend in utter paradise with some dear friends. Be warned that the road in to De Hoop is incredibly bumpy (and you feel a tad like 007’s famous drink at the end of it).

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (482)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (473)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (470)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (467)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (427)

After settling in and sunscreening up, our group got to scramble around sand dunes, explore walking trails and beautiful flora, spot whales breaching and calves playing while we picnicked near the shoreline, before dashing merrily around algae-stained caverns at low-tide to watch sea anemones sway gently in underwater currents.

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (153)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (171)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (192)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (204)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (251)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (241)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (219)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (261)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (274)

Letting the soft sand cling to our feet and trickle between our toes as the wind whipped our hair about was magic in it’s purest form before we headed back to De Opstal to light an evening braai fire.

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (78)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (346) resize

Trading stories and laughter over a bottle of wine as barn swallows flitted about at sunset; replaced by bats after dark along with the call of a baboon troop, while a sea of stars sparkle above us meant I just had to use my stargazing app and discover the constellations both above (and below) where we were.

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (354)

The next day we took a bit of a drive and saw buck of all kinds, along with zebra with calves, the odd ostrich, and passed other weekenders riding bikes, which naturally meant we had to take a turn too.

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (452)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (453)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (335)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (319)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (312)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (307)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (301)

I hate to admit it, but I’ve never actually learnt to ride before, so while our friends merrily followed along one of the bike pathways, hubby got to coach me for just under 2 hours on how to ride – and I was over the moon when I finally stayed on my two-wheeled transport for over 3 minutes (before kissing the dirt yet again … I’m almost certain I saw a buck shake it’s head at me when that happened). Ah well, maybe one day I’ll get to try again and master riding a bike. After that, to somewhat soothe my spirits, we wandered the gift shop and restaurant, and I photographed the ruins of the old restaurant which burnt down very carefully. From the doorway. Of course. 😉

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (418)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (414)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (420)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (380)

De Hoop Nature Reserve (C) Rambling with Rose (378)

If you ever get the chance to go here, do take it! Because spending time in this coastal paradise and unique biome does a world of good for your soul.

Have you ever gone to De Hoop and done a stargazing experience or marine walk? I’m tempted to do one of the two next time I go. ^_^