7 Things That Have Made Me Happy

Hello lovely,

After stumbling across a few blogs (specifically these ones at Color Me Katie, The Nectar Collective, Style Generis and Cider with Rosie), which have bloggers sharing and showing gratitude on a weekly (or monthly) basis, I’ve decided to start my own round up of weekly gratitude’s and happiness’, from events which have brought a  smile to my face and a sparkle to my eyes. ^_^

So here’s the first of my posts on 7 things that have made me happy this past week:

Roses (C) Rambling with Rose

1. Nothing brings cheer to a house or beauty into a room as quickly as some freshly cut flowers, and I loved the fading, soft colours and sweet scent from these roses I got from work. ^_^


My amazing family
Awesome Cousins (C) Rambling with Rose
Family Christmas Brunch (C) Rambling with Rose

2.  It’s been fantastic seeing family over this festive period, from my loving parents and brother, to my cousins visiting from Gauteng, to family from hubby’s side, and my wonderful auntie from Durban!

Ratanga Junction (C) Rambling with Rose (1) (Copy)
Ratanga Junction (C) Rambling with Rose (63) (Copy)
Ratanga Junction (C) Rambling with Rose (22) (Copy)Ratanga Junction (C) Rambling with Rose (56) (Copy)
Ratanga Junction (C) Rambling with Rose (44) (Copy)

3. Having a day of giddy, carefree fun at Ratanga Junction with my hubby, wonderful cousin, and  his beautiful wife. The cobra was our favourite ride (as per usual) though the Congo Queen got a few squeals out of us too. ^_^

Grandmother Samantha (C) Rambling with Rose (5)
Smokey (C) Rambling with Rose (6)
Misty (C) Rambling with Rose (7)
Pumba (C) Rambling with Rose (8)
Silverine (C) Rambling with Rose (2)
Storm (C) Rambling with Rose (3)

4. Coming back home to our loving kitties, who’ve missed us during our 3-week house sitting stint.

2014-12-16 19.24.06

5. But speaking of house sitting, I feel so blessed to have had the above view (and pool) during our house-sit (it’s gorgeous, isn’t it?!)  We spent lots of evenings enjoying meals in the lapa beside the pool, with a glass of wine and conversation flowing.

Beach walk (C) Rambling with Rose

6. Going on long beach walks! ^_^

Healthy foods (C) Rambling with Rose (3) Healthy foods (C) Rambling with Rose (4) Healthy foods (C) Rambling with Rose (5) Healthy foods (C) Rambling with Rose (6) Healthy foods (C) Rambling with Rose (1) Healthy foods (C) Rambling with Rose (2)

7. All the delicious meals we’ve had, both cooked meals at home, and meals out. A healthy, happy 2015 is definitely a priority for us.

What has made you happy this week? ^_^

My Dreams, Wishes and Goals for 2015

Hello lovely,

With 2015 giving us a fresh year to make our own, it’s time to set down a few resolutions, dreams, wishes and goals that I want to accomplish in the coming year. I know that most people tend to make promises to themselves, and they inevitably break them as the year progresses, but since my singular 2014 resolution was to travel more, and that was definitely accomplished, I’m confident I can continue this “be true to thine own self” journey I’m on in 2015.

For 2015, I plan to:

– Actively build up my ‘rainy day’ savings

– Be more organised and prioritize what’s important to me, instead of agreeing to 1001 different things and feel exhausted and frustrated in the end, because I’m not doing what I really want to be doing

– Continue work on Rambling with Rose; now I’ve started it up, I’m not going to abandon it like previous blogging attempts ^_^

– Do a weekly fitness routine – be it Pilates, kickboxing, kung fu, aikido or spending time hiking

– Entertain and have people over for suppers now that the house is coming together

– Finish decorating my little work space at home (pics to come)

– Gratitude is something I quietly do on a weekly basis, and it’s about time I share some of those – I’ve been toying with the idea of a “10 things that have made me happy” post roundup, as I’ve seen on numerous other blogs … though being honest, I’ll start it off as a “7 things that have made me happy” 🙂

–  Hang out on writing forums, since I had such a blast during NaNoWriMo (with writing, editing, and publishing my novel on the cards for June 2015)

– Indulge in a pampering treat every season / quarter – be it a massage (I adore massages!), eyelash tint, manicure, or facial – some TLC is needed from the professionals once in a while – an on that note, wear more colourful lipsticks ^_~

– Junk out, quality in – a wardrobe overhaul is needed (and items I no longer wear will be taken to a friends bi-monthly junk swap, where items not swapped are donated to charities around Cape Town)

– Knowledge is power, so it’s time to sign up for short courses which are within my budget, to get more well-rounded in psychology, writing, and whatever else takes my fancy  ^_~

– Let my friends and family know how much I love and care, by spending time with them

– Make time for movie nights – it’s been ages since I’ve actually set foot in a cinema (and hope to catch Mockingjay – part 1 in January at some point)

– No more junk food binges – though they’re tempting, tasty, and convenient, it’ll be better to spend more for real food like fruits and vegetable snacks to stay healthy and satisfied

– Organise – my spare room, writing spot, and diary for the year (and start a posting schedule) ^_~

– Publish the novel I created during #NaNoWriMo – since December, my novel has sat on 51,000 words and it’s about time to finish it off – hopefully about 130,000 words, to edit by June 2015, so I can publish it in July 2015

– Read more – I have a feeling my new Kindle will ensure I get some time to myself each evening to disappear into a novel before bed

– Spend more time with friends and family either in person, or with a phone call. Because being busy is no excuse

– Throw myself back into a maximum of 2 theatre shows in 2015 – I can’t spend another 6 months going from show to show (love it though I may) – as I now need free time to blog, write, and plan

– Understand myself a bit better – I’ve always loved psychology and the hidden motives as to why we do things – plus it’ll come in handy with my novel ^_~

– Vlog – I probably won’t do it consistently, but after watching a good friend (and 2nd cousin) of mine stick to a monthly vlog, I’ve been inspired me to give it a shot (so stay tuned for our upcoming mash-up)

– Write more – it’s time to ignore the lethargy that creeps up on me after a day of work, and instead spend at least an hour writing in the evenings. It’s also time to learn more fiction writing skills in general (and I’ve kick started this by sending an enquiry to UCT about their creative fiction summer class with Ron Irwin) ^_^

– YOLO – embrace it, plan for it, and LIVE 😀

– Zany fun – because life becomes boring if you’re always serious ^_^

That list is pretty long (I call it my ABC goals) and it all seems like quite a lot to accomplish and get through, but if I space the above out over the coming months, everything will be so much easier to achieve. I wrote a


What 2015 resolutions are you planning on?

A Birthday Summary

Hello lovely,

Yesterday was my birthday, and as of today I’m another year older, and hopefully a little wiser. ^_~

The morning started off with my wonderful husband and mom in law waking me with a cup of coffee and a present that I’ve been dreaming of for months – the Kindle Paperwhite!

Kindle Paperwhite

The little beauty came with a black leather case, and after several joyful squeals of delight (delivered with hugs and kisses), I bid them adieu for their day of work while I sipped coffee and started syncing it (to retrieve my hundreds of book purchases over the months that I’ve been reading on my phone’s Kindle App).

I then opened my other presents which included a gorgeous Gatsby-inspired lace beauty hamper from Oh So Heavenly, a lovely, large red beach blanket, a 2-player solitare word game called Voltaire, a gorgeous golden paisley writing book and pen, and my present to myself: a trench coat (which is an item I’ve been searching for, for the past 3 years!!)

Lace Gatsby beauty hamper



Writing book and Pen

Trench 1

Then it was time to help my brother in law with the tiling of dining room, grab a quick shower, and meet a friend for some wine and a catch up chat, before we went to the theater to spend an evening being entertained by the pantomime: Once Upon a Time.com.

Wayne and I

It was a fantastic day all in all, and I feel grateful and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. ^_^