Country Anniversary: Breakfast at Peregrine Farm Stall


Heeader Country Anniversary Breakfast at Peregrine Farm Stall 1 (C) Rambling with Rose - Copy

Hello lovelies,

If you’ve noticed I’ve been rather  absent around here lately it’s because I’ve been away celebrating my 4-year anniversary in the nearby valley of Elgin.

It was a very special time, so picture if you will: autumn days, winelands flowing out over hills and into valleys, country-scented air (that smelled of pine forests, orchards, freshly churned dirt, and country cuisine), shaded green farmland and cute animals, coupled with warm sunshine and crisp, cold evenings with clear skies.

Naturally, our stay at Old Mac Daddy in the middle of all of this was a dream come true. ^_^

So since I’ve been gone a while, I’m going to show, rather than tell, you what we’ve been up to – starting with our breakfast at Red Tractor Café  (found within Peregrine Farm Stall, in Grabouw).

Though we don’t visit often, the attached café restaurant at Peregrine Farm Stall is our go-to first choice whenever we have to head over the ‘berg.

Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 2) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 3)Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 4) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 5) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 7)

The rebuilt restaurant is very airy and free-flowing (and done, we think, in a style inspired by Brinny Breeze, the restaurant at Old Mac Daddy). With friendly staff, hearty food, and an easy-to-read blackboard for those seeking takeaways, we’re happy to report that the food is divine and oh-so-fresh! ^_^

Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 8)Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 10) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 11) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 12) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 14) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 15) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 16.1) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 17) Peregrine Farm Stall (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 18)

After sating ourselves and doing a quick trip through the shop to get some snacks, we walked the grounds and viewed the mini Duncan Roses nursery before setting off to find Old Mac Daddy (I cannot wait to show you pics of this beautiful spot!) ^_^


Our Anniversary at Old Mac Daddy

Hello lovelies,

Wow – what a stunning anniversary we had in Elgin at Old Mac Daddy! It was characterised by crisp mornings followed by warm, sunshine-filled days that were spent exploring the Elgin area – with it’s smooth wines and hard cheeses, as well as plenty of fresh organic foods and friendly locals.

I loved heading out to explore the surrounding countryside, but I also loved returning to our cosy caravan each evening and sitting out on the deck under a canopy of sparkling stars. Seriously, if you love star gazing then this is one of the best spots to be at … plus the odd nightcap at Brinny Breeze was a welcome decadent treat.

So in short, I can say that our time in this beautiful little valley was as perfect as could be hoped for. Want to have a peek at how we spent our anniversary? Check out the pics below! ^_^

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 1)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 39)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 12)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 11)

old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-54old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-26-1Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 43).jpgOld Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 60).jpgOld Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 61).jpgOld Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 74).jpgold-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-38old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-3old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-edit-17old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-edit-34old-mac-daddy-c-rambling-with-rose-edit-37Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 32)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 23)

Old Mac Daddy (C) Rambling with Rose (edit 15)


Charles Fox (they do gorgeous MCC tastings)

2015-03-25 10.34.41.jpg2015-03-25 10.43.16.jpg2015-03-25 10.43.50.jpg2015-03-25 10.47.12.jpg2015-03-25 10.45.07.jpg

Winters Drift Winery (so awesome – plus it’s on a train platform <3)


South Hill

South Hill (C) Rambling with Rose (2).jpgSouth Hill (C) Rambling with Rose (8).jpgSouth Hill (C) Rambling with Rose (7).jpgIf you’re ever in this part of the world, do stop in and make yourself at home – it’s one of my personal favourite escapes and it’s literally just outside of Cape Town. There are so many gorgeous wineries and restaurants in the area to check out  (ya’ll know I’m a secret foodie, right?) and plenty of fun to be had for families with kids too!

Have you ever been to Old Mac Daddy? Which trailer did you stay in?

We’re heading to Old Mac Daddy’s – a luxurious farm stay in the woods

Hi lovelies,
Having stayed at the Daddy Long Legs Hotel in Cape Town the eve before my wedding (thanks to my stunning sister Barbara), I remember being astonished by the artistically decorated rooms, perfect bedding, lovely views and friendly service – as well as the seemingly endless glasses of Method Cap Classique that were gleefully imbibed from the chic downstairs bar.My bridesmaids and I enjoyed every aspect of the hotel, from sipping bubbly on the terrace overlooking the lively city nightlife to curling up under a big fluffy duvet in a room that had decorations that were out of this world. It’s quite understandable that this venue has a very special place in my memories.It’s where I woke up a good 2 hours before my alarm clock on my wedding day, and trying to quell the butterflies in my stomach, browsed the various medical decor about the room before grabbing a shower. It’s where the first quiet knock on my door for the day announced the arrival of my makeup artist, aunty and mum. It’s where my pristine, sparkly wedding dress and shoes were revealed and I was dressed, as those nearest and dearest to me gave me teary hugs and kisses. It’s where my final coffee as a single lady was sipped, and it’s where my father and I had a quiet chat in a small hallway alcove, before we made our way to the Castle and my betrothed.

Finding out that the Daddy Long Legs hotel had a second accommodation that was hidden in a pine forest, not even an hour outside of Cape Town, meant that a stay at Old Mac Daddy has been on my books for a long while – though the timing has just never been right.

With hubby and I celebrating our 4-year anniversary this year, a cosy getaway close to Cape Town was what we were seeking and the search for a perfect accommodation began – from looking at seaside getaways, country and wineland stays, small town houses, and even a center city apartments, the one thing we had agreed on was that we needed somewhere serene.

When a blog on Old Mac Daddy caught my eye, all those happy memories from a night at the Daddy Long Legs hotel sprang to mind, and it was quickly decided that this beautiful haven in the country would be our chosen anniversary venue. Though, since they’re an incredibly popular escape I was half-terrified that my newly imagined getaway plans would be declined from a lack of availability. So just try and imagine the goofy grin that graced my face when I received a confirmation from them, a scant half hour after my enquiry for the Mills & Boon Airstream trailer, along with a polite query as to whether we’d like a massage!! ^_^

I’m absolutely over the moon as this caravan practically screams romance and seclusion.

So stay tuned everyone, pics and a blog will follow! ^_~