An Autumn Wishlist

Autumn Wishlist

The summer heat is finally draining away, leading us into autumn and it’s nippier days – which truth be told, I absolutely adore. After all, what’s not to love about creamy hot cocoa and cuddles, as you binge-watch your favourite series, wrapped up in soft blankets. And let’s not forget those cozy jerseys and socks, along with waterproof boots and chic coats.

To me autumn is a time to enjoy flush-cheeked hikes and sedate picnics, with trips to the winelands and country markets. It’s a chance to relish the last taste of the outdoors before the winter rains descend.

For us this year is going to include evenings where we consciously slow down and cosy up with our tiny princess, who I can’t wait to dress in soft, knitted jerseys made by her loving aunties. I’m busy experimenting with homemade puree’s so, when Amelia starts her solid foods at 6 months, I’ll have a good idea of what’s quick and easy to prepare.

Our first family holiday is happening later this month over Easter, and as picnics are on the cards while we’re away, a wine that’s travel friendly (and oh-so-tasty) is in order. I’m also not-so-secretly coveting the Cotton On Waffle Weave pullover which looks ideal for chilly sea breezes, and it’s that time of year when I stock up on my favourite socks in the whole world (seriously, they’re my first grabbed travel item and always keep my normally chilly toes toasty).

Rambling aside, to ring in this first autumn with my little family, the above are some of my current favourite and sought-after items, focusing on comfort, coziness and just a touch of indulgence.


Cotton On Pullover

Bon Chance Baby Girl outfit

Mohair Socks

Food processor

Tangled Tree Wine


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