Review: Softer Skin and the Scent of Summer with Skin Clays

Skin Clays Main Picture (C) Rambling with Rose  (2)

I’ll admit it, I love autumn. It’s my favourite season of the year as it falls in the Goldilocks zone of temperatures for me, where I can wear thick socks and boots with sundresses, pair fluffy cardigans with tunics and jeggings, take long walks in the evenings and come home to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. I even look forward to feeling more awake in the mornings because of the cooler, brisk air that wakes me up. It’s pretty much the perfect season, except for the fact that the summer months of sun and exposure to the elements start to show – most notably on my hands which dry out and flake quite badly, despite slathering on hand cream before bed nightly.

So when the lovely ladies from Skin Clays sent me a summer-scented green clay and lemongrass hand cream to try out and included a sensitive-skin friendly rose geranium body scrub, I was over the moon! ^_^

Skin Clays Hand cream (C) Rambling with Rose

I love sampling all kinds of beauty and skin products and was doubly excited to try this fully South African range after learning that their products are created to beauty without cruelty standards, and are 100% natural (with some great benefits for the skin from the clay and essential oils). ^_^

As I had planned a weekend anniversary getaway in Elgin, I decided to test out the body scrub on hubby and myself, and after some mild persuasion on my part, he too partook in trying out the sandy-pink clay before washing as normal in the shower.

Skin Clays Body Scrub (C) Rambling with Rose

Though he wasn’t a fan of the texture (but he did admit he liked the smell) I can say I liked it – as you feel squeaky clean after using it – and that’s before applying your body wash as normal. The soft, soothing smell of rose geranium added a lovely, luxurious touch to my morning and evening bathing rituals, and the scent lingers for ages afterwards. The only thing I can say I was mildly surprised at was that once wet the clay (as it does in nature), took a bit more effort to apply and then wash off than I’d first imagined, though once you wash it off,  your skin does feel quite toned and taut.

Skin Clays Hand Cream using (C) Rambling with Rose

The hand cream I adore and it fits perfectly into the pocket of my bag to tote around with me during the day. Not only is the refreshing lemon grass scent a pick-me-up when I’m feeling lethargic, but I can honestly say that my hands have never looked this good after a summer of sunshine and outdoor activities. The skin is soft, my cuticles aren’t flaky, and there’s not even a hint of a hangnail in sight (which given the time of year is a miracle in itself).

All in all, these are products I can recommend whole-heartedly as they leave you with softer skin, and to me, smell like lazy summer days outdoors in the country.

Skin Clays Review (C) Rambling with Rose  (14)

I’ll admit, I’m waiting till payday to order the Hydrating Rose Clay Skin Cream online, as the small sample of it I received was a rich, luxurious, creamy delight, and went on like a dream! I cannot wait to get a full-sized product to add it to my autumn beauty arsenal. ^_^

You can check out the Skin Clays Facebook page to stay up to date and keep an eye out for specials, holistic and seasonal tips. Also, pop along to Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street, Cape Town later today to chat to Karen, the lovely Skin Clays owner, otherwise, pop in to check out the full Skin Clay products and ranges – available in-store year-round.


Disclaimer: The full-sized products featured in this post were sponsored by Skin Clays in exchange for an honest review. 


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