Hello December

Hello sweetie,

I know I’m a day late with this, but hello December! ^_^

Hello December - pic taken at Grande Roche Hotel (C) Roseanna McBain


Now NaNoWriMo is over, along with my need for a fairly quiet environment, we’re finally tiling the house and getting rid of the grey cement floors that we’ve tried to pretty up with rugs. I’m incredibly excited at this change, but along with having new floors put in, we’ve had to pack and move a lot of our furniture around.

Needless to say (though I will anyway), things are a bit higgled-piggledy at the moment – including my little writing corner. Which means within the week I’m going to be moving my comfy writing spot, which I’m now sharing with furniture, out of the dining room and into our spare room – and I’ll post some writing space photo’s soon (I love seeing how others work).

I promise to give Rambling with Rose a lot more love in the upcoming months, so stay tuned for some design changes, as well as a few more categories.  ^_^

What are you up to this December?


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