My NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

Hey lovely,

Thanks for stopping in again. ^_^ Today, I’m sharing my NaNoWriMo Survival Kit – which in short, is everything I think I’ll need for the 50,000 word month-long writing marathon.

Writing prep

Writers Tools

A clear space in the dining room

My HP laptop and Microsoft Word

A pretty notebook and gel pen – I admit it, I caved. But I did it because I need some way to keep my characters storylines straight

Several ‘quick’ lists to refer back to which are saved in my bookmarks folder. They mainly comprise of of mythological legends I plan on using and adapting for my novel

Deezer playlist for writing – it consists mainly of Bear McCreary,  Hans Zimmer and Buddha Bar tunes, with some blues, jazz and Celtic songs interspersed. I find music helps me focus, and certain songs help me to be in the right frame of mind for sad scenes, battle scenes, journeys, etc

Dropbox – to back up my novel and notes


Comfort Items

Coffee plunger and my favourite coffee blend: Woolworths Expresso – it’s an incredible aromatic and strong coffee to keep me focused

My favourite mug

Rooibos tea and herbal ones like green tea and vanilla chai – because one cannot hydrate on coffee alone

Water – 1L a day is a good thing, right?

An assortment of mixed nuts – a healthy energy boost

Dark chocolate – I’m female … it should go without saying that chocolate is a fab mood booster – plus, it’s my reward for each word count goal

Tissues – sadly, allergy season has arrived

Lip balm – chapped lips are not your friend

Hand lotion – because it smells great and makes my hands soft after hours of typing

Saffronwood room spray – it’s an energizing fragrance I love, which I picked up from the Organic Heart Sunday Market at a steal

Yoga pants and soft tee-shirt – for my morning writing sessions

Dressing gown and slippers – for my evening writing sessions


I opted not to put up inspirational quotes or messages, because I know them all off by heart for one, and secondly, I’d rather organise chill nights every now and again with friends if I need a pick-me-up.  Just because we have to get as many words written as fast as possible doesn’t mean my social life has to die for the entire month, and I know I’ll return


Let me know what you’ve prepped in your NaNoWriMo Survival Kit! 🙂


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